Choose from a variety of options to further customize your folders. Options ordered will be included in ALL Custom Folders.

3-Hole Drill

  • Folders can be 3-hole drilled for no extra charge.
  • Note: Non-Custom folders are not 3-hole drilled.

Plastic Lamination - 25¢/folder

  • Add linen-finish plastic lamination for long-lasting durability that resists spills, fingerprints, and scratches.
  • Entire folder will be laminated (except area above pockets).

Handbook Printing - 50¢/folder

  • Provide custom material (e.g., student handbook, rules of conduct, course descriptions, school calendar, etc.) to be printed on area inside, above pockets.
  • Click here for handbook guidelines and a template.
  • Handbook content will be printed in black ink only.
  • The handbook area will not be UV coated or plastic laminated.

Pocket Printing

  • Included in all folder base prices.
  • Use full-color stock designs or submit custom material.
  • Pockets will not be UV coated to allow for writing. If you add plastic lamination, pockets will be laminated. Use permanent markers to write on pockets.