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Q: Do you have a sales rep in my area?

No. One reason School Mate® is able to provide low-priced student planners and school folders is because we do not pay any middlemen or a sales commission. We provide complete up-front information and pricing because we believe educators are capable of determining the features they want and can order direct from us. For greater convenience, use our online ordering system to get a fast and reliable quote. If you have questions or need assistance, contact us.

Q: Can I change my planner handbook or mail additional pages once my order has been sent?

When we receive a complete order, production begins immediately. If changes or additions need to be made to pages already submitted, contact us right away. Any change orders or halts to production may incur charges. If your planner order is too far along in production, changes may not be possible.

Q: When will I receive samples and catalogs for the 18-19 school year?

Catalogs are available in November 2017 and can be downloaded at any time. Requests for product samples and printed catalogs will be sent in January 2018.

Q: Can I fax our handbook pages to School Mate®?

Do NOT fax any press-ready material. Faxes are grainy and result in poor print quality. For the best quality, mail a hard copy to us or upload material. Use a good quality laser printer if you are sending a hard copy.

Q: What’s the smallest amount of planners I can reorder?

Non-Custom Planner or Agenda reorders require a minimum of 10 books. Custom Planner or Agenda reorders require a minimum of 25 books. Undated Agenda reorders require a minimum of 60 books. School Events Agendas require a minimum of 100. Contact us if you need to place a reorder.

Q: To order, can I just send a purchase order?

No. Our order form includes all the information we need to correctly process your order in the most efficient manner, including details for custom orders, shipping and billing information, and a required signature.

Q: Am I required to pay with a credit card if I order online?

We do not require a credit card payment if you order planners or folders online. Orders are invoiced upon shipping, but payment is not due until Sep. 1, 2018. We reserve the right to require prepayment. If you decide to pay by credit card, go to our Payment Center. If you order fundraising products online, a credit card will be required since products must be prepaid before we will ship the order.

Q: How long will it take to receive our Student Planners?

Normal production for Non-Custom Planners and Agendas is estimated at 5–10 business days (1–2 weeks) from the day after the order is received. Normal production for Custom Planners, Custom Agendas, and School Events Agendas is estimated at 30 business days (6 weeks) from the day after the order is received. RUSH production for Custom Planners, Custom Agendas, and School Events Agendas is 20 business days (4 weeks) from the day after the order is received. Production time does not include shipping time. Allow an additional 2–8 business days for shipping within the 50 states. Allow 6–12 weeks for APO and FPO orders.

Custom orders received after June 15 may require 30–45 business days (6–9 weeks) for Normal Production due to heavy seasonal demand.

Q: What’s the difference between a Standard Folder and a Handbook Folder?

The difference is the areas of the folder that can be printed. Both folders allow for printing on the front cover, back cover, and pockets, but the Handbook Folder also allows for printing on the areas above the pockets.