• For your convenience, order folders online.
  • School Mate®, hereinafter referred to as the Company, agrees to produce folders in accordance with information furnished on the order form. The person submitting the order, hereinafter referred to as the Customer, agrees to furnish a completed, signed order form and all material to be produced in the Customer’s folders, including mascot and other custom material with no subsequent changes. The Customer specifically representing the submitting organization is at least 18 years old and is fully authorized to sign this application as agent on behalf of the organization.
  • A submitted order constitutes a binding Contract between the Company and the Customer. No other statements or oral agreements are binding.
  • If Customer’s organization requires a PO, the Customer is responsible for providing it and notifying their purchasing department of changes that may affect the PO. The Company’s terms supercede any terms from a PO or written bid.
  • If order must be delivered by a specific date, the Customer is responsible for placing the order on time and for charges incurred if the order is refused due to PO expiration.
  • Orders outside the USA are not accepted, except for orders from schools with APO and FPO addresses. The Company reserves the right to deny orders for just cause.
  • Customer warrants that releases have been obtained to reproduce any copyrighted or trademarked material submitted with order. If Customer furnishes custom material, the Customer shall hold the Company and its subsidiaries harmless against claims, suits, costs, damages, judgments, attorney fees, license fees, settlements, or expenses incurred, claimed, obtained, or sustained by third parties, whether for intellectual property infringement (including copyright and trademark infringement), dilution, misappropriation, or otherwise, because of the manufacture, use, marketing, or sale of folders.


  • Orders will be invoiced upon shipping. Payment from schools or school districts is due Sep. 1, 2021. Payment for orders shipped after Sep. 1, 2021 is due upon receipt. Accounts 30 days past due will be charged 1.33% interest per month (16% annum) or maximum allowed by law. The Customer is liable for any collection fees incurred. The Company reserves the right to require prepayment. All prices are based on USA currency.
  • Order and all material must be received to invoice early. Delayed shipping and invoicing are also available.
  • If order is canceled, the Customer will be liable for any costs in preparation or production of the order.
  • Multiple orders cannot be combined for volume discounts.
  • Orders are subject to a 5% overrun/underrun. Customer will be invoiced for the number of folders shipped.
  • NE and FL orders only: To avoid paying sales tax, NE orders must submit Form 13 (NE Exempt Sales Certificate). FL orders must submit Form DR-13 (Resale Certificate) or DR-14 (Consumer's Certificate of Exemption).

See complete folderTerms & Conditions (PDF).