School Events Agenda
Quest - 5⅜" x 8⅜"

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Creating a custom planner with all your school events on your weekly and monthly planner pages is easy! Choose from 2 versatile formats, and add your events, holidays, and choice of filler topics. Each spread can include your mascot and web address. Also available in a larger 7" x 9" size.

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Customize Page Features

Add school events for each day.

Add standard holidays with the option to include your own.

Choose from 5 filler sets or add custom fillers. See examples at right.

Add mascot and web address.

Choose one ink color for your pages - 50¢/Agenda.

2 Customizable Formats

  • FORMAT20
  • FORMAT22
QF20 Spread

Choose one ink color for your pages - 50¢/Agenda

QF20 Pages with One Ink Color
QF22 Spread

Choose one ink color for your pages - 50¢/Agenda

QF22 Pages with One Ink Color

Choose From 5 Filler Sets or Add Custom Fillers

Agenda Features

  • 5 ⅜" x 8 ⅜" size (also available in 7" x 9" size)
  • 136 pages with weekly and monthly planning pages
  • Includes FREE title page, class schedule page, 2-year calendar page, and 4 hall pass pages
  • Contains 52 weeks – choose 2024 start date: 6/3, 7/1, 7/29, or 9/2
  • Bound with plastic coil

QB Custom Quest Events Agenda


Cover Options

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Optional Wall Charts

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Sold in a case of 5 for $35.

QC Add Handbook Pages

Add 3¢ per page to Custom Planner Prices
(Note: 1 page is 1 side of a sheet of paper, e.g., for 10 pages, add 30¢ per planner.)

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