Custom Cover Guidelines

No Bleed
No Bleed

For a press-ready cover, all text and artwork must fit our margins.
See our Custom Cover Guidelines (PDF).

Planner Cover Design

  • For a press-ready custom front or back cover, please follow specifications in our Custom Cover Guidelines (PDF) and follow our Artwork Guidelines. A press-ready digital cover should be sent to us online.
  • For a non press-ready custom cover, submit artwork proportionate to
    7 1/8" x 9 7/8" for Kindergarten, Primary, Elementary, Middle School, and Budget Classic Student Planners, 4 3/8" x 7 5/8" for High School and Budget Scholar Student Planners, and 5 3/4" x 8" for Custom Dated Agendas. We will reduce or enlarge artwork as needed. See Artwork Guidelines.
  • Indicate color(s) for the artwork, photos, and wording. Full-color or black/white photos will be printed in the chosen ink color(s), unless a full-color design is ordered.
  • If type needs to be set, indicate wording and its placement.
  • Design fees may apply for complex material which needs to be recreated.
  • Do NOT fax artwork or press-ready material.

Handbook Pages

Handbook pages are priced by the page. Count ALL pages: table of contents, calendars, charts, maps, blank pages, title page, advertising pages, and any other pages. All handbook pages, including photos and artwork, will be printed in black ink only. One page is one side of a sheet of paper.

Calendar Template Instructions:

For your convenience, download our Calendar Templates.

The PDFs below allow you to type directly into the box for each date. Simply click on any date and a cursor will appear. Type events in the proper dates and save your file. When you are finished, send this PDF with your order. Note: 1 page is 1 side of a sheet of paper. Be sure to include calendar pages in your total handbook page count. For Mac users: Mac OS X has a built-in PDF reader that will show the form fields; however, it will display incorrectly and cannot be saved. Please open the PDF in Acrobat Reader.

Sample Handbook PageView Larger

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Submit Your Handbook Pages One of Two Ways:

1. Press-Ready Handbook Pages

Pages must be typed the way you want them to print. We will NOT proofread, edit, or make alterations. Pages must be ready to print. Contact us if you need help. Corrections or replacements will cause delays.

Kindergarten, Primary, Elementary, Middle School, & Budget Classic Template

High School, Budget Scholar, & Quest School Events Agenda Template

Custom Dated & Target School Events
Agenda Template

All page elements, including text, headers, footers, artwork, and page numbers, must be contained within the yellow areas.

Do Submit:

Do NOT Submit:

  • Pages with colored type or paper, printed on a dot matrix or color printer, or printed on both sides of a sheet of paper.
  • Pages in the wrong size (e.g., High School or Budget Scholar pages on the larger template). If we reduce the pages to fit, we will not be responsible for hard-to-read type or undesirable results.
  • Pages with incorrect dates or corrections.
  • Artwork or text with staples, tape, glue, rips, or smudges on it.
  • Artwork and photos from the "NOT Acceptable" list.

2. Not Press-Ready Handbook Pages

  • If you need assistance, School Mate® can help. Contact us for details.

Typesetting Fee: $25/page
Note: If changes are needed to pages we typeset in prior years, typesetting fees will apply.

Artwork Guidelines - Cover & Handbook Pages


  • Artwork (mascots, maps, charts, calendars, etc.) MUST be line drawings in black ink on white paper. Substitute gray screens or color in artwork with outlines or solids. Scan at 600 ppi and save as a TIFF file.
  • Clear, sharp artwork and original photos. Printing of photos on handbook pages will be good, but not high quality (similar to newspaper printing).
  • Digital photos scanned or saved at 150 – 300 ppi minimum (cannot resave 72 ppi photos to 300 ppi) and saved as a TIFF, EPS, or JPG file. See Digital Image Specifications (PDF).
  • Artwork sent flat and protected by heavy cardboard.
  • Artwork as close to desired size as possible.
  • For press-ready pages, mascots, photos, and artwork should be included on the pages.

Note: design fees may apply to complex material (maps, calendars, charts) that must be recreated.

Not Acceptable:

  • Artwork from photocopies, colored clip art, or pencil, marker, or crayon drawings - NO shades, screens, or colors.
  • Photos that are Polaroids,™ negatives, printed photos (magazine or newspaper), photocopies, or low-resolution digital photos (72 ppi).
  • Type, mascots, artwork, or boxes with fine lines, screens, shades, or reverses.
  • Large areas of solid black, including black boxes, bars, thick lines, or artwork with heavy black.
  • Copyrighted or trademarked material (e.g., professional sports logos, Character CountsSM, D'Nealian®bet, etc.), unless written approval by the owner is submitted.
  • Do NOT fax artwork or photos.
  • If the material listed above is submitted, School Mate® is not responsible for poor print quality.