No-Risk, High-Profit, Limited Contact Fundraiser

Keep 50% PROFIT on every cookbook sold with our Best Little Recipes. Since our products are presold, there's NO RISK to you. Sell in person or limit contact with our downloadable Order Taker Brochure (PDF).

With cooking meals at home at an all-time high, everyone is looking for new recipes to try. These conveniently-sized cookbooks are packed with delicious homestyle recipes! They're perfect for individuals and families.

Best Little Recipes Cookbooks
Earn 50% Profit

Presell cookbooks for $8 each – you keep 50% profit!

# Cookbooks Cost per book Profit at $8
50 $4.00 $200
100 $4.00 $400
250 $4.00 $1,000
500 $4.00 $2,000
750 $4.00 $3,000
1,000 $4.00 $4,000

5 Easy Steps

  1. Request a FREE Starter Kit that includes everything you need to get started or download our Order Taker Brochure (PDF).
  2. Distribute order-taker brochures to members or distribute Order Taker Brochures (PDF) to buyers by email or online to limit contact. Allow 2–3 weeks for sales (establish a deadline and communicate it to group members) by email or online.
  3. Collect order-taker brochures and money; tally totals on product order form.
  4. Mail your Order Form (PDF). and payment, or submit online.
  5. Deliver your cookbooks once your order arrives.

Download our Fundraising Brochure


  • Handy cookbooks in 10 different titles.
  • Sell cookbooks for $8 – you'll keep $4 for every book sold.
  • Low minimum order of only 20 items.
  • NO RISK since items are presold.
  • Order ships within 10 business days of receipt, making it easy to plan for sales.
  • FREE shipping (allow 3-5 days for shipping*).
Starter Kit

Receive 5 FREE promotional posters with your Starter Kit (if reqeusted)

Delivery Deadlines

For Christmas 2023 delivery: Order must be received by Dec. 1, 2023 (for delivery by Dec. 15).
For Mother's Day 2024 delivery: Order must be received by Apr. 19, 2024 (for delivery by May 8).

*AK and HI orders are shipped via standard post and require 4-6 weeks for delivery. Orders must be received by Oct. 20, 2023 for Christmas 2023 and Mar. 16, 2024 for Mother's Day 2024.