Guaranteed Success

You always come out a winner with our NEW fundraising cookbook line, Best Little Recipes. Since our products are presold, there's NO RISK to you. Plus, you keep 50% PROFIT on every item sold!

Best Little Recipes Cookbooks
Earn 50% Profit
# Cookbooks Cost per book Profit at $8
50 $4.00 $200
100 $4.00 $400
250 $4.00 $1,000
500 $4.00 $2,000
750 $4.00 $3,000
1,000 $4.00 $4,000

Cookbooks easily presell for $8 each – you keep 50% profit!

5 Easy Steps

Sales are quick, easy, and highly profitable.

  1. Request our FREE Starter Kit; we'll send everything you need.
  2. Distribute order-taker brochures to members. Allow 2-3 weeks for sales; give members your deadline.
  3. Collect order-taker brochures and money; tally totals on product order form.
  4. Send in your order and payment, or submit online.
  5. Deliver your items once your order arrives.

Download our Fundraising Brochure

Big Advantages

  • Beautiful cookbooks for every taste at only $8.00 each. You keep $4.00 for every book sold!
  • Low minimum order of only 20 items.
  • FREE posters to promote sales.
  • NO RISK since items are presold.
  • Order ships within 10 business days of receipt, making it easy to plan for sales.
  • FREE shipping (allow 3-5 days for shipping*).
Starter Kit

Get 5 FREE promotional posters with your Starter Kit

Delivery Deadlines

For Mother's Day 2018 delivery: Order must be received by Apr. 23, 2018 (for delivery by May 11).
For Christmas 2018 delivery: Order must be received by Nov. 28, 2018 (for delivery by Dec. 12).

*AK and HI orders are shipped via standard post and require 4-6 weeks for delivery. Orders must be received by Mar. 7, 2018 for Mother's Day 2018 and Oct. 17, 2018 for Christmas 2018.